Europe’s largest high tech greenhouses are based at Agriport. In large scale greenhouses, like in datacenters, management of energy costs is the key to success. The triple feed of 150 kV underground power lines brings down the power costs and 450 MW of wind power ag Agriport makes it easier to meet the companies environmental goals.

Agriport is located just 30 car minutes north of Amsterdam, were 60% of all Forbes 2000 companies active in ICT have already established an office. Yet, Agriport is located in a low density populated area and has therefore less impact on the way people live and recreate. And compared to the urban Amsterdam area, the land prices are very competitive.

The companies at Agriport are interconnected in an ecosystem of industries that benefit most from world class infrastructure. The Agriport location therefore offers many advantages for large scale datacenter operations.

The first hyperscale datacenter is operational at Agriport since 2015. Two more plots of 70 hectares and 55 hectares are now available for datacenters in the Agriport area.


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